Val-Ed’s hundreds of hours of classroom experience has been invaluable in developing high quality, professionally designed products based on values & character. Our products are great gifting alternatives and hold the potential to change the world one family at a time.

Values Wheel 

Inspired by the idea of bringing values to everyday life & behaviour, the Values Wheel is a colourful yet powerful tool which can be used in every home, class or office to remind children & adults to do one positive act on a daily basis.
The Wheel consists of 30 tasks under 5 broad themes. Everyday begin your day by giving the wheel a swirl and follow the indicated value/task for that day and share your experience with your friends and family. It’s that simple.


Values Wheel Skins

The Values Wheel has 1 base wheel and can be replaced by new skins so that you can look forward to new tasks every month. Each skin is designed keeping a different objective. Some skins available are 

Values Wheel for Children aged 5-9 yrs

Values Wheel for Children aged 10-15 yrs

Values Wheel for Adolescents aged 16-18 yrs

Values Wheel for Fitness 

Values Wheel for Spiritual Growth

Values Wheel for Work 

To choose your preferred values wheel & the skins with it
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Values Booklet

The Values Booklet is a wonderful collection of uplifting quotes, inspiring messages, gratitude & appreciation notes that can be used to handout to
friends, family & colleagues. 
It can be sewn into office, school & home culture by giving people the tool to express through written notes allowing for an environment of appreciation to be nurtured. 

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