Do you believe dishonesty, greed & lack of trust are relevant concerns in today’s society?

Are concepts of Values, Life-Skills, Habit Formation, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Solving Ethical Dilemmas only for children?

Don’t adults also need consistent guidance & advice to relook at life in evolved ways?

Adults all over the world, from every profession, at home & office face enormous pressures every day in the form of work expectations, financial status, family, personal relationships, society, health & personal aspirations. Most people often face these challenges without any support & guidance and suffer for years before burning out or giving up.

We, at Val-Ed Initiatives have created interactive, engaging and powerful sessions to address all of these issues and help each one of us live healthier and happier lives. These sessions will equip adults with strategies to be effective in their daily lives and achieve their goals and dreams. We will be able to face any challenge that may come our way and live our lives productively and peacefully with a growth mindset.

Spread between a single session of 90 minutes, to a series of hourly sessions over weekdays/weekends, some of the sessions are as follows:

The 5 types of Well-being (how to be happy and have inner peace)
Mental Resilience, Emotional well-being, Social well-being, Physical well-being, Creative well-being
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Growth Mindset

Why and how to practice being open-minded in our lives, in our work and relationships

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Being Proactive

How can we be proactive in our thoughts, behaviour and actions in our professional and personal lives

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Ethical Leadership

How to navigate through ethical dilemmas of everyday life

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Mythological Intelligence

Solving challenges of today using the wisdom of yesterday

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Simple ways to be mindful in everything that we do in our lives

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Strategies for better team work, interpersonal skills and negotiation

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Japanese form of Poetry for relaxation, expression & bond-building for adults

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Communication and Active Listening

How to talk so that others listen and how to really listen to others with empathy

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Empathy, Compassion and Gratitude

The real secret to happiness in our lives

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