Val-Ed specializes in designing & delivering massive, meaningful, values-based & character building events for big groups.

Our Life Skills Events can inspire, inculcate & renew ethical thinking & behaviour, positivity, collaboration, growth mindset, healthy conflict resolution etc. in participants from all backgrounds through well researched, tested methods.

Why this makes sense?

  • Can be experienced both online &/or offline

  • Can be experienced by 10 to 1000 participants

  • Can be customized as per the group’s background like new joiners, core team members, entrepreneurs, college grads, women self-help groups, spiritual organizations, club members, blue-collar workers, etc.

  • End-To-End support including designing, marketing, registration, execution, survey, follow up.

Check out few examples of our past events

Blind-Folded Conversations

Mode – Online or Offline 
For Whom – Parents, Teachers & Children, Employees at all levels, New Joiners  
Builds – Active Listening, Empathy, Authentic Openness, Conflict Resolution, Trust, Mindfulness, Mentoring  
Duration – 60-90 mins

What happens when you speak about things that matter with a colleague who doesn’t know you and you don’t know him/her? Experience moments of authentic openness, reflection & unbiased helping.

This unique event will enable participants to remove filters, see through the lens of others, feel gratitude and forge strong bonds.

Charan Sparsh

Mode – Online or Offline 
For Whom – Parents, Teachers & Children, Employee’s Children
Builds – Respect, Active Listening, Empathy, Authentic Openness, Conflict Resolution, Trust, Mindfulness
Duration – 60-90 mins 

In a return to tradition; children perform the ancient Indian ritual of feet oblation with a modern twist of conversation, music, songs, laughter & stories.

Facilitated by an event expert, children and parents/teacher/employees are guided through this non-religious process of showing respect, love, appreciation for the bond of parents & children.

Highly recommended for Family Day, Parents Day, Bring your kids to work day, etc.

India 2020

Mode – Online or Offline
For Whom – Employees, New Joiners, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Mid & Sr. Management   
Builds – Leadership, Time Management, Resource Management, Negotiation, Re-thinking, Decision Making, Re-Learning  
Duration – 3-4 hours

India 2020 is an intense yet fun big group game where participants grouped into ‘cities’ overcome a variety of personal, professional & team challenges in pursuit of attaining the goal of becoming a Smart City.

Orchestrated by a Game-Master (The Prime Minister), Cities strategically Bid for resources, Build ferociously and Boom at large to usher growth & prosperity to their cities & citizens.

Players are challenged to use knowledge from fields like Production, Quality Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Public Relations, Negotiation, Law, etc.

This Game can be designed at a variety of difficulty levels, allowing for a broad range of people to play & learn together.

Why India 2020?

  • Game-Based Learning Programs have one of the highest engagement & learning retention levels that help participants reflect on their own core values & their adherence to it in a non-threatening manner.
  • India 2020 is designed to challenge preconceived notions & allow participants to reinvent themselves as per situations.
  • Quick Results – Learning & implementation occurs throughout the game and not simply after it. You will see improvements in approach & behaviour almost instantly.

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