If schools can have Computer Labs, Science Labs why not a Values Lab?
What if schools had temples of self-reflection that teaches life lessons to children, teachers & parents alike?
What if children were not just spoken to about values but had an inspiring place to experience them?

What is a Saksham Values Lab?

The Saksham Values Lab is a dedicated space inside schools to teach 21st Century Human Values and Life Skills to children, parents & teachers.

The Saksham Values Lab is set to be a cornerstone of 21st-century progressive schools who are vested in the all-round development of their children & their families.

What makes these labs unique?


3 types of labs – Basic, Intermediate & Advanced to suit all budgets


 Spaces that encourage gratitude, mindfulness & appreciation amongst children & all stakeholders in the schooling community


 A unique structure to give feedback & communicate with children personally in a dignified & respectful manner. 


Dedicated story corners to tell stories with inspirational backdrops, teaching aids & a positive environment


Replacing traditional rectangular boards with meaningful ‘Lotus’ & ‘Palm’ Shaped Boards to signify school philosophy of ‘Rise Up’ & ‘Take Responsibility’


 Allows children to share concerns, confessions & suggestions in writing and educators write back to support children & offer help


 Space that encourages & allows children to practice giving, detachment, compassion & contribution on a regular basis


 Advanced Labs include video conferencing facilities and bring children & experts from across the world face to face to share experiences

How do we do it?

Val-Ed converts spaces inside a school, mostly a classroom or an activity area into inspirational spaces that are filled with empathy-based structures, storytelling corners, gratitude stations, compassion corners, values-based writing boards, meditation spaces, role-model walls, confession boxes, action inspiring spaces, all under a unifying theme.

From blueprint, architectural designs, civil plans to construction, the Values lab can be designed & built by Val-Ed or only designed by Val-Ed & built by the school.

Be the first in your city/state to bring this latest advancement in the education space to your school!

User Experience of Values Labs

We see a different excitement in children about the topic of values & life skills because of the lab. They revere the place and wait to visit the lab once every week. 2 things I like the most is the kind of space for expression that has been created for children and we can hence have open conversations with children because of it and next is the positive changes in their behaviour with teachers & friends

Mrs Harini A, Principal of Sarvodaya National Public School, Bangalore

The values lab is a natural extension of the pride we take in inculcating Indian values & culture to our students. We can see new appreciation for the concept of values in children because of the place & how it is taught over here by all facilitators of Val-Ed. Having an advanced lab gives us a place we can use for several other events as well so it’s a good investment by our management

Vice Principal, Jain Vidyaashram School, Chennai

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