Why The 21st Century Is The Worst Time To Be In An Accident !!!

Earlier this month, A member of our team at Val-Ed shared about a painful experience related to a family member accident. As the story unfolded, I learned that the damage could have been far lesser if the onlookers could have acted swiftly. But I was informed, they were clicking pictures as she bled profusely.

I couldn’t help but think what can Val-Ed do to make a difference. After 2 nervous days, I decided to take the courage to ask her to share her story with the world & I wanted to make it into a message so children, youth & adults around the world would act better.

So what is it that moved us to make this video? Have a look.

Accident Victims Need Help Not Stares

We are always surrounded by opportunities which both ‘test’ & ‘build’ our character.

These “Learning Moments” are the greatest friends but they need to be recognized by ‘Us’ to be of any use. These moments will pass us by if we do not act upon it.

To help those in need is not just an act of nobility, it is an act of moral righteousness.

We might have inspired 1 of you or a 100 of you, what is important is that we’TRIED’ & we’ll keep TRYING.

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