Building a culture of values & character oriented-ness cannot be outsourced. It requires the involvement of every Educator & Staff in School to live the values we wish to see in children.

Val-Ed provides schools an opportunity to create self awareness in their educators about their own value systems and also up-skill teachers to bring innovative & impactful values education methodology to classes.


At Val-Ed we have designed programs for teachers keeping in mind the 360 degree reach of values to the world. Val-Ed provides short Half & Full Day (up to 3 days) Trainings for teachers on the below themes.


A Guided Tour of human civilization & personal life with a mirror reflecting upon human & your own behaviour, attitudes & actions with an intention of exploring how to get from where we are to where we want to be.

INDIA 2020

A gamification training experience which challenges & engages big groups of educators (up to 150) towards achieving India 2020 by building their city into a Smart City. But the path is perilious requiring strategy, team work, out of the box thinking, leadership, consistency, spirit of enquiry, positivity and much more.

An ideal program to get participants to reflect on their own attitude, values and behaviour and make empowering changes to their own lives- all through a game.


How to tell stories which inspire action and imbibe values at the same time? Our expert story tellers are proficient at helping you improve your confidence & storytelling skills that are invaluable both inside & outside the class.


This program helps teachers understand how Values can be integrated across subjects inside class & across the culture within school. Topic wise modules are available and the intention is to help teachers learn how to develop their own unique way of integrating Values for life in the subjects they teach.

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