Do you have an Inborn Desire to transform Children into better Human Beings?

Are degrees/ qualifications (like B.Ed.) a stumbling block for you to explore your Passion to teach in Schools?

Do you have limited Time & Travelling constraints?

Consider a SET Program and get trained & certified in Value Education by Experts...

What is SET?

Val-Ed Initiative's ‘Saksham Educator Training’ (SET) Program is a one-of-its-kind training program offered by that gives all its participants an opportunity and a platform to become quality Value Educators.

Val-Ed Initiatives is a Transformational Education endeavor which takes children, youth & families through a journey of values by Innovative & Impactful youth-led programs & puts them on a path of Success & Principled Living.

The SET curriculum is designed to help Participants from both Teaching & Non-Teaching backgrounds understand & master concepts, approaches, methods & best practices in Value & Character Education across children of all ages.

Through a balance of Experiential & Conceptual Training, the program helps participants ‘Role Model’ ideal human values & also provides them with the framework, skills & confidence to Inspire the same in children.

SET’s Training Program is designed by Val-Ed Initiatives & delivered by number of Experts from various fields of Social Emotional Learning, Value Education, Story Telling, Dramatics, Child Psychology, Curriculum Development, etc.

Who Should Apply?

  • An Individual who has a genuine intent to build stronger and healthier Character in Children.
  • An Individual who has an innate Passion for Teaching and thrives on making a Difference.
  • An Individual who is willing to commit Time on a weekly basis to teach Children.

Criteria for Applying:

Participants across diverse career backgrounds are invited to be a part of this program.
A clear Intent and a persevering Commitment are mandatory Requirements.
Fluency of English and an ability to Assertively converse with Patience.

Why Saksham?

1. Time Friendly – Attend live sessions only 2 half-days per week.

2. Diverse Class – Our applicants range from teachers, engineers, artists, story-tellers, housewives, counsellors, IT professionals, etc. adding richness to the realm of learning.

3. Find Meaning and Purpose to your Life - A chance to reach out to thousands of lives and make a difference by your thoughts, words and actions.

"Sow your seeds of goodness where you are. It's these little saplings put together that transform the World"

Number of Seats available - 30 applicants

Commitment - February, March, April

Training Levels:

Fresher's Program

Feb 2018 & March 2018

16 sessions (2 sessions per week, 4 hours per session)

Filtration Process

Participants who show progress and potential during the training will be chosen for the Advanced Specialization Training.

Advanced Specialized Training

April 2018 – 7 day intensive advanced training program. (Selection based on performance in Fresher’s Program)

Course Fees – INR 5000 per applicant

Course Inclusives

1. Certification of 'Values Educator' for all graduates by Val-Ed Initiatives.

2. Top 25% of the final graduates will be guaranteed paid assignments in Val-Ed Clients (Schools / Apartments / Organisations).

"You don't have to be Great to start but you have to start to be Great." - Zig Ziglar


At Val-Ed we have designed programs for teachers keeping in mind the 360 degree reach of values to the world. Val-Ed provides short Half & Full Day (up to 3 days) Trainings for teachers on the below themes.


A Guided Tour of human civilization & personal life with a mirror reflecting upon human & your own behaviour, attitudes & actions with an intention of exploring how to get from where we are to where we want to be.

INDIA 2020

A gamification training experience which challenges & engages big groups of educators (up to 150) towards achieving India 2020 by building their city into a Smart City. But the path is perilious requiring strategy, team work, out of the box thinking, leadership, consistency, spirit of enquiry, positivity and much more.

An ideal program to get participants to reflect on their own attitude, values and behaviour and make empowering changes to their own lives- all through a game.


How to tell stories which inspire action and imbibe values at the same time? Our expert story tellers are proficient at helping you improve your confidence & storytelling skills that are invaluable both inside & outside the class.


This program helps teachers understand how Values can be integrated across subjects inside class & across the culture within school. Topic wise modules are available and the intention is to help teachers learn how to develop their own unique way of integrating Values for life in the subjects they teach.

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