Punctual Humble Confident

Purpose of LifeAfter spending years working for MNCs and helping around with my husband's business, I realised my heart always longed for something else. Even though I enjoyed my time there, my heart felt incomplete. I was always amazed by little kids and as a parent, understood that the world actually doesn't revolve around the Sun, but it revolves around children. If I’m able to make a positive impact/in their life my purpose of life shall be met. Thanks Val-Ed for giving me that opportunity.

Value of LifePatience

Life changing quote: "In life we cannot always do great things but we can always do small things with great love".

Random Fact: I consider 7 my lucky number .. it's wierd and funny but my birthday is on 07, my husband's on 17 and my only Son's is on 27.

Namrata has always surprised us with her creativity and her openness for new challenges is something we all should learn from, dedication is the key for her motivating herself.