Effective Organizer Empathiser Unique Perceptiveness

Purpose of LifeIs to become my own greatest version.

Value of LifeFor me, the value of life does not lie in the length of days, but in the use we make of them.

Life changing quoteAbraham Lincoln, until past forty, was a failure in almost all activities he undertook. When asked about the change he said, ‘My father taught me to work but did not teach me to love my work. I hit that accidentally, last year. This ‘love or ‘will to do’ (called motivation) depends on the strength of people’s motives. I truly believe that you don’t have to be GREAT to START but you need to START to be GREAT!

Random FactI am a terrible liar. It's written all over my face.

Bhavika is a cordial, fun loving and candid person with a lovely family. She enjoys reading, and the knowledge & perspective that my reading gives her has strengthened her teaching skills and presentation abilities. She has been successful in maintaining work/life balance between my family and being successful as a life skill educator. She attributes this success to her ability to plan, schedule, and handle many different tasks at once.