Once upon a time..

Moral science classes back in the days was just another opportunity to idle away time. Stories were narrated in the most mundane ways possible and values sounded like obligations. Talk about another uneventful hour!

How is Saksham any different from a regular moral science programme? The days are gone when a teacher would just dictate and expect a child to blindly follow. Children carry the eagerness to explore and discover the truth themselves. We believe in building curiosity in those hungry minds with the help of inspiring stories and mind-boggling games.

Storytelling has been one of the most engaging ways of facilitating a classroom discussion. Dollops of inspiration, a scoop of imagination, a cup of creativity and a pinch of humor while narrating a story has proved to be extremely successful in terms of having the children hooked on. It’s definitely a task which requires in-depth research and preparation. For each class, personal and impactful incidents must be explored and connected to the value in focus. This would require personal reflection on a very deep level.

Let us consider the value ‘kindness’ as an example. Kindness ties to one of the yamas (principles) of yoga shastra, ‘ahimsa’ which means non-violence. Being harmless to people and carrying positive thoughts towards others is ahimsa, which ineffectively means kindness. A lot of times, perhaps we forget that kindness really begins with us – being gentle with ourselves. Closely tied to kindness to self is ‘Self Appreciation’. Encouraging ‘self-talks’ which are more positive and constructive by nature is vital.

Unlike ‘ good teachers’ who preach about moral science, being educators at Saksham, we aim to become ‘great teachers’ who focus on helping the child have profound learning experiences and deep realizations about the values that are being touched upon. This journey is sure to be an eye-opener in terms of empowering yourself and others in a way that their lives change forever.

-By Anagha Prasad

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