'India 2020' is an intense yet fun, big group game which is designed to playfully engage & mindfully challenge participants towards the goal of a Developed India i.e. India 2020 requires participants to deeply reflect on personal values & changing of perception & behavior to WIN in work & life.

India 2020 is customized as per organizations & is perfect to infuse employees with organizational values experientially & embedding them into their thinking & behavior.


Bid – Each team internally decides & bids to build a variety of assets in their cities in every round

Build – Teams collaborate to 'physically' build cities & problem solve through both human & material challenges to fulfill bid amounts

Boom – Success is rewarded with resources that allow them to boom & build further.


This Game requires application of knowledge of Various Fields like Production, Quality Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Public Relations, Negotiation, Law etc.

Game requires assessment & taking advantage of policies like Demonetization, Swach Bharat Abhiyaan, Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao etc which play a key role in the development of every city.

WHY INDIA 2020 ?

  • Game Based Learning Programs help participants reflect on their own core values & their adherence to it.

  • Increases levels of understanding, teamwork, humility, respect, creativity & innovation in participants.

  • Challenges pre-conceived notions & allows participants to reinvent themselves as per situations.

  • Helps participants collaborate & learn from each other and forge a stronger professional & personal bond.


This has been an eye opening experience, I have never had so much fun & challenge at the same time. I have realized that what I thought I was following & what I actually followed are so different. My greatest takeaway has been learning to collaborate before competing. -Suparna Kapoor, HR Manager, HAL

I am very happy to have engaged with the immensely creative team of Val-Ed for this program for our teachers. They have customized this as per our school's requirements & I saw my teacher's inspirational leadership & comraderie come to light in the game. The in-game reflections were very helpful in refining their thought process & I can see immediate changes in their approach to their work. -Mr Roshan Menezes, Administrator, Carmel Education Group, Basveshwanagar

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