If God is Everywhere, Why do we need Temples? If Values are everywhere, Why do you need a Values Lab?

Swami Vivekananda was a master story-teller whose words were as magnetic as his personality.

One pleasant morning, out of curiosity, a visitor asked swami ji, “Why do we go to temples when god is everywhere? From water to light, human to animal. If he is everywhere, is there a point of going to temple seeking for divine energy when it’s all around?”

Swamiji smiled back and offered to answer his question in the evening. The person turned up later that evening but was late, Swamiji asked him why was he late. The person said, “The air in my car tyres seem to have reduced and I couldn’t find any air pumps to refill them”.

Swami instantly asked him why didn’t he open the valve of the tyre and filled it with the limitless air around. The person answered, “How can I do that, we need an air pump to push the air into the tyre so it goes inside”.

Swami Vivekananda “It seems your tyre situation has answered your previous question, Despite having limitless air around you, you need a pump to concentrate the air & push it into the tyre, similarly temples are centres of concentrated positive energy & the atmosphere within the temple influences the atmosphere within the person towards positivity & faith as well, Air is everywhere but you do need a fan to feel it”

On the same thread of thought, “If Values are taught everywhere, Why do we need a Values Lab?”

Because a Values Lab is an inspirational, creative, purposeful space devoted to values & character education for all ages. It is designed to capture the thoughts, emotions & dreams of children & develop a sense of belonging to the family, school, country & world.

The Saksham Values Lab inspires children to be the best version of themselves & helps bring in calmness, positivity, collaboration, creativity, leadership etc through experience-reflection-realisation & change.

Here are some pics of some of the spaces which would be part of the Saksham Values Lab.

The Tree of Self-Forgiveness


SWAG Wall (SWAG) – Student’s Who’ve Achieved Greatness

Role Model’s Space

World Story Wall

Values Story Space

In a survey of 800 children conducted by Val-Ed, 95% children preferred having a space dedicated to values and wanted to co-create this space of socio-emotional learning.

This year we will build several values labs across the country (2 of which have already begun) where our long-term integrated programs would be experienced by thousands of children, teachers & parents.

If you want to know more about these spaces or have an idea which will make it better, write back & I will be more than happy to share.

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