How to Raise children who are World Ready?

“If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.”
There is a very famous saying which every child recites once he becomes a parent, “I will never do that to my child.”This is a very strong emotion mirrored by the Millennial Parents (Generation Y) who were majorly first generation learners and thus had to struggle to find their way in school, college and career. When this generation bore children of the future (Generation Z), they resolved to provide all the comforts, luxuries and resources which they felt deprived of in their growing years.
[Generation Y includes the ones born anywhere from 1977 to 1995 and generation Z includes the kids born from 1995 to 2014.]
The children of Gen Z have been born with a silver spoon and have been cushioned from struggle by sugar coated parents. The intention of Gen Y parents is very pure and they just want to give all the comforts to their children which they never received. Just like too much of oxygen kills cells and causes rapid aging, too much of cushioning will make our children dependent on us and render them unable to cope with the real world.
“Kids need to be in charge of their own lives, not boxed in by adult baggage”
One of the easiest ways of showing Love is to bring everything your child needs to the table even before he asks for it. But is everything that is easy, empowering your child? It is a subtle message your child is receiving, ‘Everything I need comes to me easily’. While you may be blessed with the resources to provide your child with all the comfort, always remember that the softer the bed, the weaker the spinal cord.
What if you made an agreement with your child?
Consider this.
Sit with them and discusstheir basic duties and responsibilities which you want them to follow every day. Talk about homework, play time, TV time, eating habits, disciplined behaviour, in short everything you expect out of your child. Remember it is a discussion with your child and not an instruction manual.
The input of your child is as important as your expectations of him.
Once you and your child have agreed on common grounds, attach a value to each of the duties. For e.g.keeping the school bag and lunch tiffin in place after coming back from school – 50points or folding your blanket every morning – 100 points. Once you have attached a value to every duty,put it in print and place it in a place which is both easily visible and accessible.
Next give complete freedom to your child to make a list of all that he wants – toys, clothes, holidays, books, movies, dinners etc… Don’t put any cap on his wish list. Let him go as bizarre and crazy as he wishes too. Once he finishes that, find out the price of it in the market and based on the same, determine a value for it in your points. For e.g. a denim which costs INR 1500 and the point value could be 10,500 points (which is 1:7 ratio) [Please determine the ratio as per your own judgement].
So the system works in this way, every time your child does his duties and responsibilities sincerely, he earns his points. Keep a track of it on a board and keep updating them on a regular basis. Every time he wants something from his wish list, he needs to redeem the equivalent points from his account.
“Don’t let yourself become so concerned with raising a good child, that you forget YOU already HAVE one.”
Below are the 5 biggest life lessons your child will subtly learn and grow into.
1) Teaching them Value of Money and bringing in a sense of responsibility and ownership
2) Turning them from Demanding to Deserving
3) Empowering them and building their self-belief to take decisions
4) Teaching them the art of balance
5) Giving them the freedom to dream and also realise that dreams can be turned to reality with discipline and hard work.
“A child needs encouragement like a plant needs water”
Your child is going to imitate every action you do, so if you want him to follow his responsibilities sincerely, then you need to be regular in upgrading his points and sincere in fulfilling his wishes.
From where did we get the idea that in order to protect our children we need to cushion them? Think of the last time you felt protected and safe when you were suddenly pushed out of your comfort zone? Even as elders we feel fear so think of our children’s’ plight when they grow up and will have to face the world all of a sudden after having lived all their childhood in a protected zone.
Don’t raise your kids by giving them more than what you had, raise them to be more than what you were.

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