Experience & Experiments

In our journey of living we all are possibly trying to find the meaning of this 4 letter word “LIFE “. When I started exploring my thoughts I learnt that for me life is nothing but “Experiences” and I realized that from the time I have come in to being or should I say biologically started living from then on till date life is a countless bundle of experiences.
But then a question arose do I just keep accumulating these experiences or can I do something with them? The secret I unveiled was that when I start experimenting with my experiences I can improve the quality of my life. My life can get so much more meaningful, better and peaceful.
Just like a science experiments we all did in our childhood days the same is required to be done today in our adulthood days with our lives. As in a science lab you have option of changing the various chemicals to derive at a required solution for any experiment to get successful, same way in life pick up any experience to experiment it by different emotions, people, situations and ways of approaching a situation and see which one works. If the end result is you being happy, peaceful and content with change of solutions then that is the best way for you. Your experiment is successful.
As I started doing this, it wasn’t easy. Not all people who experimented became scientist but it is the contribution of those thousands of unsuccessful scientists that we know what are things which did not work and we don’t waste our time trying them.
Similarly every experiment may not be in your favour but the learning you get on what is working, or what is not working for you with each experiment is like creating your own life. Best part of experiments is either they be successful or they give you picture of what is not fruitful for you, either way your future experiences are meant to be good.
Few of my experiments with various relationship & values of life:-
Showing true love to people who are close and who have done lots for you in life is easy. But I experimented it on people who just don’t like me ,who are not fond of me, who don’t talk really good things about me when I expressed my love for them the end result was my experience with them changed.
I experimented using “Thank you” instead of “sorry”. When I had hurt somebody or was really rude instead of apologising I told them thank you for tolerating and being patient with me.
With each experiment you explore more and more of your inner capabilities, you realize that you have a strong conscious which is so powerful.
So keep experimenting with each experience of yours and explore new ways of living life better.
Discover a new way of life.


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