Bachho Ki Duniya – What would a world run by children look like?

What would a world run by children look like?

Children’s Day is without doubt the biggest day of the year for an organisation like ours. When the team & me sat last month brainstorming of how we could make children’s day special, we were ignited by one simple question, “What would a world run by children look like?” We thought

Can we celebrate the promise within our children? Can we trust them with responsibility & see how they fare in the face of adversity? Can we see what values drives their decisions?

And the idea was born, “Bachho Ki Duniya”, a unique experiment in schools. This is how it went.

Yesterday, November 14th, Children’s Day involved students participating & taking up every role which adults adorn regularly to run schools safely & successfully. This meant:

1.     Children became Teachers and took Science, Maths, Language, Physical Education, Music Class, Dance Class, and Values Education. (Teacher accompanied & assisted them in class). Children taught other standards making it more exciting.
2.     Children sat on the powerful yet responsible seats of management like Principal, Vice-Principal, Academic Supervisor & Front Office met vendors, conducted staff meetings, addressed students & dealt with everyday challenges.
3.     Children became Housekeeping Incharge and discharged few of the duties as done by house-keeping personnel.
4.     Children became Security Officers and conducted all the checks, monitoring, rounds as done by daily security officers.
5.     Children conducted the assembly all by themselves right from getting 1000 children down, getting them in line and back to the classes.
6.   Students were chosen before hand and helped to prepare for the big day

Note: Concerned children came dressed as appropriately for the role they discharged. I saw all the above from my own eyes and it was quite an experience.

This event was a memorable learning experience for both the children adorning the roles as well as for the ones in class receiving the experience

Something to learn here “If you want to make someone trustworthy, trust them”, 

We often distrust our children with tasks because we feel they aren’t cut out for it, what if they fail? what if they get hurt? what if they are not able to do it?

The challenge isn’t the What If? it’s the mentality we often associate with it, one of negativity & fear. Why not try “So what”.

So what if they fail? They will learn from their mistakes & failures. So what if they get hurt? They will feel pain and know the cost of being careless-ness.

Often we get in between the learning and the child; next time maybe we could focus on creating learning opportunities & then get out of the way.

Like life, let’s teach lessons after the test. They are much more likely to remember it.

What a beautiful Children’s Day we’ve had. We hope you have one too.

Below Pics show the Student Principal, Student Administrator & Mrs Harini School Principal receiving “Bachho Ki Duniya” Momento

The Student Incumbents of the posts of School Management, Teachers & Staff who ran SNPS school on Monday, 14th November.

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